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All knowledge Humanity holds has been created through collaboration and common work. Even if there have been lonely scientists and inventors who made breaktrhough discoveries and change history, we men and women of the world can achieve our highest potential when we collaborate with each other. We can share our bits of knowledge and expertise and combine them to build a unique cummulus of experience. Helping each other will make us all better professionals, and we will later reach a greater success in our individual work.

The purpose of this forum is to gather wealth managers and trust professionals from all over the world in one place. Here, you can all share your experiences and ideas with others who speak the same language as you. You will learns from professionals who have been through very different experiences and who have worked in highly distinct business environments. You can help each other reach your true professional potential, and become successful advisors and managers for your own personal businesses.


The whole is more than the sum of its parts

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In a competitive business scenario, only the best can survive and reach the top. And what makes a professional the best in the field? The sum of understandment and expertise. Through the years, the best managers, dealers and accounters have gathered experience and found out new ways to solve old problems. Now you can potentiate this natural process of learning by sharing what you have learned with others, and receive all their experience in exchange. This is the true way to become a strong, competitive and competent wealth manager.

Join our forum to discuss the following topics:


  Fiduciary law.   Estate and financial planning.   Market outlooks.
  Compliance issues.   Business development strategies.   Taxation.


Who is invited to join Fawtrust?

We receive wealth managers and trust professionals from all over the world

You are welcome to join the Fawtrust community if you are a professional who works in the field of finances, accounting and sales management. Our forum is mainly constituted by representatives from trusts, broker dealers, financial planners and advisors, and accounting and legal firms. There is no actual established limit to who can join our community, because we believe that diversity is what makes this place richer. As long as you are a qualified professional with experience and/or knowledge about the topics listed above, not only will you find a place here, but others may also find in you a great counselor or guide for their own professional growth.


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