Defense team

Garry runs the defense team and ensures the young players a chance to prove their qualities in the important matches. Every year, he comes up with the best defensive team and pushes the defenders to higher leagues (Premier League, Championship and so on).


Middlefielders are under the three trainers who are specialized in the middle play. Although we did not offer training for these positions in the beginning, we managed to gather specific trainers for this position. Now we are producing middlefielders and ensure the quality and tactical plays for the team they are playing in.

Offense team

The offensive team never stops to hunt chances for a goal, and how would they when their trainer is Ryan? He mixes different strategies and exercises to ensure proper training for the offenders. He is one of the most distinguished trainers in Wales.


Jeff keeps goalkeepers at the highest priority as the goalkeeper defends the goal and the whole team. Jeff worked with many professional goalkeepers who played in the major world football leagues. He runs the classes for goalkeepers and ensured them enough matches to gain the experience. He has been working on this position for more than 15 years.