Player’s Development – How To Become A Good Football Player?

As football is the most popular sport in the world, a lot of people asking how it is possible to become a good and professional football player. As in every sport, no matter how good you are, you always have a room for improvement.  The best time to start your improvement is pre-season time, as you had a nice vacation and you are relaxed from the games. So, how can you start with improvements? How to become a good football player?

Ball control is a must

In order to be a good midfielder or attacker, you will need to have excellent ball control. The midfielder is in action almost all the time as all actions go through the midfielders. One of the best exercises is to throw ball as high as you can up to sky and then use each leg several times to bring the ball down. You can also use the wall to kick the ball and keep it doing until it comes to you naturally to use both legs equally. Once you learn to kick the ball, as well as to bring it down, with both legs, then you will have much better ball control. Even if you are playing defense, the better control you have, the less likely is that you will lose the possession during the opponent’s pressure.

Train your weak foot

The biggest problems that all, especially those that are just starting out, players face is the problem of the weaker foot. Each player has a weak foot, whether it is a left or right one. As you could see, all the major and famous players use both legs equally. One of the best ways to become a better player is to practice your weak leg. This boosts significantly your confidence and overall performance and you should start training your weak leg as early as possible.  Kick, pass or bring down the ball with your weaker foot as much as you can, as the continuous practice makes everything perfect.

Improve your fitness

Besides the skills you must possess, you must be able to run 90 minutes. This means that you must not skip aerobic, anaerobic and running exercises as being fit and “in form” is equally important as hitting the ball with both legs equally well. Sprints are the best way to increase your speed, explosiveness but also improve your endurance and stamina. You can sprint 10 to 30 seconds, and then slow down and continue jogging for the next 30 seconds. Try to repeat this exercise at least 5 to 10 times per day, during the pre-season ideally, to boost your fitness abilities.

Watch pros

Watch carefully how other distinguished players play to understand their strategy and style of play. The more you watch, the more you will learn about your opponents. Still, you can learn new tricks from the professionals and you can use these to improve your qualities but also take your play to the next level.