The Three Coaching Courses We Offer You

Football is all about learning and practicing as much as you can. Of course, you need to have an affinity towards the sport but in order to become a good trainer, you will need to collect a lot of experience. As we are the professional and certified football academy, we offer you several coaching courses so you could become the next best football coach. We recommend you all of these as they teach different things, however, the first one is the primary and you should not skip this one.

The basic knowledge about different football leagues

Each country has a specific style of football and therefore as a trainer, you will have to implement what you have learned to the current situation. For example, English Premier League is much faster than German Bundesliga. Now, depending on your style of play, training qualities and knowledge, you will get used to the style faster or slower. In any way, our course on different leagues will teach you some general things and styles of each league, which will be very useful to you once you start coaching a team in a specific country. We recommend this course as the cornerstone, as you will learn many other useful things about the leagues.

The proto-coaching

This course takes you into the body of a trainer who is trying to make its name. Namely, we organize a league for our young coaches so they could compete and collect experience. Usually, this course offers you training the young teams that have their own league. This is a hands-on experience so you could get into the matter as quickly as possible. The squads consist of 11-17-old teenagers who have just started the journey of becoming professional football players.

Analyzing matches and players

While analysis is the important part in every sport, you will learn to analyze the match and see the most common mistakes, the area that the ball is mostly played in, number of passes and interceptions and many other useful statistics data. All these gives benefits in further developments, especially when you are in serious competition and league. We teach you how to use the statistics to improve your team and overall performance. Also, learning about the specific players and their style of play is crucial as you can see what could be improved in your team, especially if you have a similar player with similar style of play.